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Authenticity is the key for us at the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus®. Gary, the Maître d’hôtel, learned the hospitality business from ground up in his hometown Salzburg, Austria. He has been a resort hotel and restaurant manager in southern Germany for more than 20 years. Armin is a seasoned German Chef taking his own and his Grandmother’s recipes to the new world. There is nothing more than this kind of authenticity.

Actually, when we, the new owners, Gary and Chef Armin arrived in March 2015 to take over the heritage of Brigitte and Wolfgang (the previous owners who retired), we were striving to bring our guests the best traditional German and Austrian cuisine. Our first goal has been to keep the seasoned menu which includes various versions of Schnitzel, Roasts, Sausages, Potato Pancakes, and Brats. Chef Armin and the kitchen crew did some little variations here and there, changed some ingredients for authenticity and the way our German food is presented. Gary, the front of the house, added a generous portion of German Gemütlichkeit (German hospitality) to make you feel welcome the second you enter our little Anna Maria Island Restaurant. Now after more than a year, our guests say, we took the right direction. No question, the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus is more than ever serving only the best German beers and wines and, of course, Bavarian heart food. But we’ll never stop…

The atmosphere at the Schnitzelhaus® has always been a special place and we added, what we think is what Anna Maria Island is for Florida: Fun, laid back, simply “gemütlich”.
We encourage everybody: Come, hang out and enjoy yourself on one of the wooden tables with the best German and Austrian food or by enjoying one or two beers or wines at the bar. We have locals and seasonal residents visiting us several times a week, maybe or probably for a reason. And we are happy to see guests from all over World and from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria to enjoy this special place. Many come as guests and leave as friends. Bet you!

The Schnitzelhaus® is to be the Anna Maria Island “Wirtshaus”, where you gather with your friends, your date or even your grandmother. All are welcome, and all are encouraged to stay a while and we are happy if visiting our place can help you find new friends sharing your love for European hospitality.

Honestly, we are really proud and thankful of what the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus® Team started bringing to the Island some 15 years ago. We want to keep that heritage and take the German Spirit on Anna Maria Island up to new generations. So all will know what German food and spirit stands for in today’s world and what it means to enjoy a fantastic and relaxing Schnitzelhaus® night. Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus, the authentic Anna Maria Island Restaurant.

Enjoy & Prost!
Chef Armin and Gary

Websites:  https://schnitzel.house    http://www.oldhamburg.com   http://old.hamburg

Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus, the authentic German and Austrian Restaurant in the Bradenton and Sarasota area, right in Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida
Established 1999


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