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The Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus is now taking reservations for dinner online.
Isn’t that fancy?

Anyhow: Same day reservations (after 3pm or so for same day) are encouraged by phone (941) 778 1320 so we get it on time.
No need to double (online and phone) rsvp. Please choose either way. Double reservation means a double tab. So be careful! 😉 This is no joke! We take that serious!

Don’t try online after 4pm. We probably won’t get it (and it shouldn’t be possible anyway – if the computer geek did his job right, but you never know)… please call instead…
The Golden Schnitzel RSVP Number: (941) 778 1320

We confirm all reservations by phone / email asap, outside business hours the next day.
If you don’t hear / read (email) from us we didn’t get your request, probably because we were busy tapping great German draft beers at that time.
If you are unsure, BETTER CALL (NOT SAUL) but the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus @ 941 778 1320.
We want to make sure you are going to have a great time at the OLD HAMBURG SCHNITZELHAUS!
We look forward to seeing you!