Schnitzel Day – September 9, 2016

Schnitzel Day – September 9, 2016

schnitzel_480Come and join us on September 9, 2016 to celebrate National Wiener Schnitzel Day!

All Schnitzels will be $15 (Pork, Veal +$4).

September 9 is the National Wiener Schnitzel Day. This food-related holiday is dedicated to a traditional Austrian dish which belongs to the best-known specialties of Viennese cuisine.

A Wiener Schnitzel is a very thin schnitzel traditionally made from veal, but nowadays also available in pork or chicken, then called Viennese style schnitzel (Schnitzel Wiener Art). The Schnitzel is breaded and then fried in clarified butter or lard. The term “Wiener Schnitzel” was first used in the early 1830s, though similar dishes had been known earlier.

Wiener Schnitzel is traditionally served with salad, as well as potato salad, or roasted potatoes.


Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus
German Restaurant – Anna Maria Island
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